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New Album, New Videos, New Shows, and More

It's been a hot Summer and not just from the weather.

Black Velebtine just released our 7th Studio Album "Love Letters An Hate Mail" in June. It features 11 original Songs and is the truest representation of the band to date.

By all accounts it's also our best!! Huge shout out to Timothy Bednarz and the C.O.A.R. Radio Network for helping to push the Songs on the Record. The 11 Songs were a huge collaborative effort with Duke our Bass Player writing the Music to major section of 3 of them ('I Will," "Happily Never After,' and the Title Track).

Duke also sings Lead Vocals on several of the Songs including "Sweet Surrender," "Happily Never After," and "Anything."

We've released 5 new Music Videos to help promote the Record with more in the works. You can check out the Record and watch all 4 Videos on our Home Page.

We recently played Cruefest Hollywood to a Sold Out Show and Sold more Tickets than any of the other 10 Bands so Thank You LA for helping to support us and this great Cause!! We've release a Video of the opening 2 Songs which you can also watch on our Home Page.

We also have 5 Songs Recorded for our next Original Album and will begin writing another 6 or 7 Songs to round it out.

Speaking g of working Songs up, we've added another 15 Remakes to our Repertoire. You can check them out at our Shows at The Star Bar and Doc's Inn where we have monthly Residencies along with a couple Shows we have booked at Mabel's Roadhouse and the Springbok where we're pushing to get put on regular Rotation. A full Schedule is available on our Tour Page.

That about catches us up. Keep checking back. I update the Website a couple times a month.

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