Black Valentine was created with a simple purpose in mind  -Play Creative, Catchy Songs in a Direct, no Frills, no Holds Barred Go for the Throat Attitude.  Black Valentine's Mission is to Re-Define today's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.


Having been in several “Musician” type Bands before, Black Valentine Guitarist and Founder Frank Yanno’s Concept was based on a total rejection of the “look at me” moments littering Progressive Bands in favor of wanting to simply see 4 Musicians on Stage Kicking Ass Performing as a Unit.  Along with Earl Drummond on Vocals, Merle Gregory on Bass, and Jesse Wolff on Drums, that Unit is complete.













With the Release of their 3rd Album Remaking History Part 1, Black Valentine has taken 12 Cover Songs and Re-Made them as Black Valentine would have written them adding a fresh and unique take on these Classics.  


Says Freelance Journalist Paul Boutin (Newsweek, The New York Times) of these Re-Makes: “Blow ten bucks on an album of a dozen great songs that sound even better as hard rockers. Black Valentine doesn't "cover" these songs -- they stomp the stuffing out of them. Singer Earl Drummond is up to the challenge, arena-ready shredder Frank Yanno is my personal guitar hero in Los Angeles, and the rest of the band sounds like an elephant let loose in Nazareth's rehearsal space. Park your ukulele safely out of the way, and crank it up.”





!Who Is Black Valentine?

Joseph Timmons of Xombiewoof Magazine calls Black Valentine’s Music


…a collection of Songs drenched in attitude and emotions ranging from aggression and anger to hurt and pain, from frustration and discontent to determination and resolve.   Each track literally screams out loud what most of us have only thought all wrapped up in perfectly catchy Songs delivered with exceptional musicianship.”

Black Valentine has opened up for such famous Acts as Stephen Pearcy (RATT), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Orgy, Juan Croucier (RATT), Graham Bonnett (Rainbow, Alcatraz), and Bang Tango and their Live Performance is not to be missed -delivering their electrifying Stage Show to those who like smart Music served up HEAVY!!

Frank Yanno


Born in: Dansville, New York

Formal Training: AS in Graphic Designs, BFA in Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology

Guitarist for: Angel City Rockers, tHe CoNStAnT, Luther Braque, White Widow, Das Butt, Triphammer

Performed Live with: Kenny Aronoff, Ellis Hall, Martin GuiGui, Chris Peterman, Valeri Gaina,

Opened for: KIX, Orgy, Stephen Pearcy, Graham Bonnett, Joe Lynn Turner. Bang Tango, Y&T, Talas, Ronnie Montrose, Loudness, Keel, Radio Fee Europe, Gaina, Master, Legion, Powder

Owner: Gossamer Studios Van Nuys, Ca

Producer, Engineer for: Daisy DelaHoya, Kylie Francesca, tHe CoNStAnT, Against Empire, Greg Gomes Band, Gary Leslie, Chico Rey, Paul Bradley, Howard Lubin

Wrote and Recorded Songs for: Daisy DelaHoya, Kylie Francesco, Clive Hellshayde, Dustin Penrod, Various Television and Movies

Featured Actor on: Clean House, Clean House Comes Clean

Graphic Designer/ Artist for: Black Valentine's Slingshot RebelsWorld Gone Wrong, tHe CoNStAnT’s Sometimes Things Just HappenThe Letter, and NINETIMESTENDarkly Sunny Days, Das Butt’s Happy, Spinman (self titled), Human Horse (self titled), Gary Leslie’s Just a Little Attitude

Endorsed by: Zemaitis Guitars, Baker Guitars, GHS Strings, Rocktron Electronics, Pickworld Guitar Picks, Screaming Images Stage Banners, BestInCase Roadcases

Earl Drummond

Lead Singer

Born In: Milford, PA

Formal Training: Chorus, Theater, 7 Years Guitar Lessons

Industry Work: Dispatch and Logistics Manager at Mates Rehearsal and Storage, Band Liaison, Tech Support

Former Bands: Evil Eye, Sour Puss, Sosohuman, CW & the 007's, Jet Black & Glossy, Jet City Lovers, Crush of Empires, PocNation, Krashkarma

Opened For: Electric Angels, Kings X, Mudvayne, Pop Evil, I am a Robot

Recorded With: Grammy award winning producer Michael Patterson (Beck, She wants Revenge, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

Merle Gregory


Born in: North Littlerock, Arkansas

Formal Training:  Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Specialist, Real Estate Agent,

Further Education:  Business Classes

Military Service:  US Airforce from 1988 thru 2009, Honorably Discharged in 2009

Rank:  Technical Sergeant

Played with: Long Gone Daddies, Doug C and The Blacklisted, (Doug Carrion formerly of The Circle Jerks, Dag Nasty, The Descendants, Kotton Mouth Kings), JD Nash

Opened for: Orgy, Stephen Pearcy, Graham Bonnett, Joe Lynn Turner.

Family History:  Uncle sang and played with Chris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, and Waylon Jennings.  Distant cousin to Glen Campbell

Jesse Wolff


Born in: Los Angeles,,Ca

Formal Training: Hamilton Magnet Music Academy, Drum Corp and Jazz Band, Graduated Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School

Executive Chef at: IL Sole in Los Angeles 

Opened for: Orgy, Stephen Pearcy, Graham Bonnett, Joe Lynn Turner, Bang Tango.

Worked at: Drum Paradice as a Session Set Up Engineer, Can Am Recording Studio as Production and Mixing Assistant for such names as Death Row Records, Motley Crue, Pat Benatar, and Madonna

Grew up on Tour with: father Marty Wolff (Long Time Lighting and Road Manager for the Doobie Bros.) 

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