Music Videos

Check out our latest Music Video for "In Your Eyes" that we just released along with Music Videos for "The Devil's Son," "Breathe," and Masquerade.

"In Your Eyes," "The Devil's Son" and "Masqerade" were Produced and Directed by Jeff Bitran.  Masquerade was Self Produced and Directed based on an idea by Brian Rutkin and Edited by Alfonse Esteban-Font.




Black Valentine's 4th album Already Here is our 3rd all Original Album.  It is also our first Original Album with singer Earl Drummond and truly shows the evolution of the Band's Songwriting. The Album's 13 Songs were Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Gossamer Studios by Frank Yanno.

Black Valentine's long 3rd Album Re-Making History Part 1 is  a Collection of Covers where we've taken the Original Song and Re-Made it in our Image. We play them how we may have written them and the end Product is a fresh and new take on a Classic..

Live Videos

Live Rehearsal of the Song "Adverbs" from our upcoming original album New Reality.

The Video was shot on iPhones and edited by Chris Amescua.

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Black Valentine's 5th Release Re-Making History Parts 2 and 3 is a Double Album follow-up to Re-Making History Part 1.  Ambitious to say the least, it features 25 Songs re-arranged how we would have written them.  As with all of Black Valentine's Album's it was Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Gossamer Studios by Frank Yanno.

Black Valentine's 6th Album is a collection of Songs written and recorded during the Pandemic that expresses the range of emotions we all felt like Isolation, Loss of Identity, Change, Political Divisiveness and Attacks on our Democracy, Manipulation fueled by Social Media, Riots, Police Reform, and more.   Featuring Frank Yanno on Guitar, Jesse Wolff on Drums, and introducing Jose Ferro on Bass, it also marks the debut of Frank on Lead Vocals.  This is the truest vision of Black Valentine to date.