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Earl Drummond

Lead Singer

Born In: Milford, PA

Formal Training: Chorus, Theater, 7 Years Guitar Lessons

Industry Work: Dispatch and Logistics Manager at Mates Rehearsal and Storage, Band Liaison, Tech Support

Former Bands: Evil Eye, Sour Puss, Sosohuman, CW & the 007's, Jet Black & Glossy, Jet City Lovers, Crush of Empires, PocNation, Krashkarma

Opened For: Electric Angels, Kings X, Mudvayne, Pop Evil, I am a Robot

Recorded With: Grammy award winning producer Michael Patterson (Beck, She wants Revenge, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

Merle Gregory


Born in: North Littlerock, Arkansas

Formal Training:  Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Specialist, Real Estate Agent,

Further Education:  Business Classes

Military Service:  US Airforce from 1988 thru 2009, Honorably Discharged in 2009

Rank:  Technical Sergeant

Played with: Long Gone Daddies, Doug C and The Blacklisted, (Doug Carrion formerly of The Circle Jerks, Dag Nasty, The Descendants, Kotton Mouth Kings), JD Nash

Opened for: Orgy, Stephen Pearcy, Graham Bonnett, Joe Lynn Turner.

Family History:  Uncle sang and played with Chris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, and Waylon Jennings.  Distant cousin to Glen Campbell

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