Live at Arena 07/29/15

Live at Club Loaded 09/23/15

Live at Canyon Club 08/14/15

Photos by Marty Wolff

Live at Paladino's 10/02/15 

Live at Paladino's 10/10/15 

Photo Shoot 11/15

Photos by Melanie Escombe 

The Devil's Son Video Shoot

Photos by Melanie Escombe 

Live at Paladino's 01/30/16 

Private Event 02/08/16 

Live at Old Town Pub 02/20/16 

Live at Skinny's 02/21/16 

Live at The Special Olympics 07/26/15

Live at The Rainbow 08/06/15

Live at The Sugarmill 07/03/15

Live at Paladino's 07/31/15

Live at Neck of the Woods 05/15/15

Live at The Rainbow 03/17/16 

Live at Crazy Girls 04/04/16 

Opening for Graham Bonnett at Paladino's 04/15/16 

Opening for Juan Croucier at The Whisky 04/29/16 

Opening for Joe Lynn Turner at The Whisky 05/27/16

Photos by Joe Schaeffer

Characters Pomona 10/27/16

Photos by Erika Steel 

Rock House Long Beach 10/27/16

Photos by John Pons

Opening for Stephen Pearcy at the Whisky 9/3016

Photos by Jim DeLeskie

Paladino's 10/07/16 

Blacklight District Long Beach 8/29/16 

Lengends in Vegas 9/0216

 Slingshot Rebels CD Release Paladino's 8/20/16

 Photos by Lelsey Baily and Gerrod Miskovsky

The Doll Hut Anaheim 8/27/16 

Live at Complex 05/07/15

Live at Paladino's 03/20/15

Live at The Whisky 02/06/15

Photos by Melanie Escombe 

Live at The Sugarmill 02/14/15

Best of 2014

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